Terms & Refund Policy

Terms & Refund Policy

JH Digital strives to provide best possible service, goods and shopping experience possible.

Terms of Digital Art Purchase

1. Digital art items are sold “as is”; no modification requests will be accepted.

2. Some digital art items are sold signed by the artist (no watermark is applied, only a corner signature) and with artist’s metadata. Signed pieces can be bought in signed or not signed versions; metadata removal requests will not be accepted.

3. Digital art will be delivered automatically after purchase is completed to specified email address.

4. Should the email not have been received or if there is an issue with download itself, an immediate contact with the seller is required, at joanna.h@jhdphoto.com.

5. Digital art can be downloaded only once from the link provided.

Terms of Custom Orders

1. Custom orders are pieces of art created according to specific description and for a specific client.

2. Client’s duty is to provide detailed description of the project, provide artwork that will be used (if applicable).

3. Artist’s duty is to follow instructions and create a piece of art according to client’s wishes.

4. In such case that work description will prove not clear or work scope will be extended during the project, artist has a right to renegotiate service price, or to cancel the order.

5. Payment for the custom order is required prior to starting the project (negotiable in some cases).

6. Payment is held on artist’s PayPal account until the projects is finished, delivered and accepted by client.

7. After delivery is made and accepted, client has no right to obtain a refund. Any attempt to dispute the charge with PayPal will result in lost case and a fee.

Refund Policy

1. Digital art purchases are not subject to refund. Unless wrong file was sent, we can’t refund an item that can not be returned. Therefore please check carefully prior to purchase if the file is indeed the one you need. All digital art pieces are displayed as is. If you have received a wrong file, JH Digital will supply you with a correct one immediately upon request.

2. Custom orders are a subject to refund in following cases:

3. End result is not satisfactory to client, or is not made according to provided description

4. Order is delivered late (restrictions apply)

5. Other reasons per mutual agreement between client and JH Digital

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