Depending on your choice, I will do:
– Basic edit of a still photo with one moving overlay or element of your choice,
– Multiple overlays and various effects, or
– Full blown composite with multiple elements multiple moving elements (ie: hair, water, pieces of clothing), multiple overlays and effects – all bells and whistles 🙂
Pricing starts at $20.00 for simplest cinemagraph and further depends on a complexity of the project. Please make sure to be very clear on what needs to be done. I will always make sure to price your project right and do everything so make you happy with my work! 
Please note: 
I don’t create animation from scratch; I add motion to the existing static picture or add moving elements, like overlays.
See artist at work:

Photo Composite / Enhancement / Post Production

Photo enhancement: I can turn your photo into a masterpiece with photo enhancement / post production: color correction, balance correction, sharpness / blur correction, filters and whatever your heart desires, to make your pictures amazing!

Photo composites: I can edit you into any picture, create a composite of your choice; are you a MARVEL fan? I’ll make a picture of you fighting side by side with the Avengers – etc.; possibilities are endless.

Pricing starts from $5 for simple background extraction and further depends on complexity of the project.

Please use form below to contact me and start talking about your project; add files you want me to look at for better visualization – I’ll be happy to help!

Special effects

I can add to your photo whatever effect you need; I can make it look like cartoon, pencil sketch, painting and more. I can add glitches, shattered glass, particles, disintegration and many other effects. I can make the whole thing move also!
Let me know what you need and I’ll make it happen 🙂

How It Works

Contact me via your preferred method (Skype chat, WhatsApp chat, phone text or email).
We will work out all details of your project; please be very specific at that time, we need to cover everything that’s important to the project.
Once we agree on the project and a price for the service; JH Digital will send you PayPal invoice for agreed price.
Payment is required for the order to start. Your payment will be kept in JH Digital PayPal account until order is finished an accepted.
For the duration of the project, JH Digital will keep close contact with you, providing progress updates and drafts to ensure the project goes in the right direction. Please be responsive at that time, to make the work go smoothly.
Once order is finished, you will receive your download in a form of secured link which will activate upon your delivery acceptance. At this point order is considered fulfilled and closed, your payment is released to JH Digital and there are no refunds. 
Terms of Service apply 
Contact options: email to, start a chat on Skype at: live:joanna.h_9 – or use the form below.