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Have you ever wondered what is the key to succeeding in social media? Enviously looked at those Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of engaged followers? Tried everything you could and failed?

Want to promote your business, services or products, but your posts remain unseen?

Been there, done that.

Yes, there are some ‘hidden’ tricks and different marketing strategies you can follow to make it easier. 

Well, let’s take this apart…

The Secret Key Behind Social Media Success

Yes, there is a secret key… something that goes unnoticed most of the times: the quality of the pictures you upload.

It was more than obvious, wasn’t it?

Unfortunately, most people don’t consider it as an important factor when they try to get more recognition on social media. And it’s a fact, people only take action based on what they see & read.

Of course, it depends which social platform you are using. Pictures don’t have the same effect on all of them, but are very important factor all the same.

For example, Instagram Pinterest & Snapchat are 100% visual, while Twitter is about ‘pure’ content.

And those are perfect to build your brand, to connect with other people and gain more recognition

After all, this will determine how successful your journey is going to be. Without people interaction, you are not going to go too far.

What Kind Of Content To Upload?

Yes, when we talk about pictures, you need to think about what message you want to convey and who your target audience is.

You are the owner of that social media account, and you need to craft your own plan & content strategy. Think ahead, visualize your profile as if looked at from viewer’s side – what can you do to make it look appealing and get the viewer to spend more time on your profile and hopefully hit that FOLLOW button?

It’s especially important in Instagram, where your whole account is a grid of pictures; you need to make sure it looks nice, consistent and interesting.

If you are a business, you can upload pictures of your products, the people behind your team, hints about your company, and much more.

But… If you are an individual, you need to post quality pictures as well, to make people interact with you & watch your content.

You need to strive to be different; your pictures must stand out.

Why Is It So Important?

You know that old saying: first impression is most important? This is especially true in overloaded with content, fast paced, contemporary social media world.

Did you know, that on Instagram for example, your post needs to capture the audience’s attention in 1 second at the most? Don’t believe me? Ok, imagine you are browsing through your Instagram feed – you stop to take a better look only at something that will catch your attention in that very short time during each scroll, correct? Well, there you go.

Your post / image needs to stand out to be noticed, but whether or not people will hit the like button or click on your link (if it’s an ad), it’s a whole another matter, which we will explore in future articles.

Your visuals need to tell a story - people will only follow you if you have something to show, something to tell and you need to make sure that the quality of the images is awesome.

Don’t just post a random photo; make sure the picture looks professional enough; if editing is not your thing, find professional photo editing services to do it for you – it’s a game changer. When you look at the most famous brands on Instagram, you won’t see an amateur photo, right?

That’s why a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

In Conclusion

Publishing high quality images is no doubt a key to be successful on social media.

Don’t get me wrong, do not exaggerate or fake stuff altogether (although posting fine photoshop manipulations is always interesting, as long as you make clear to your audience that it’s a work of art). Sad truth is, that if a potential customer or potential follower looks at your profile & doesn’t find it interesting, they are not going to follow you, even if you have the best product / service to offer.

Everything is visual – and that determines your success. 

There is no time to waste.

Start taking good pictures, hire a professional photographer, or find a good photo editor and make sure your photos forward the right message. Research current trends in photography and visuals; learn how to use latest trend – cinemagraphs – to your advantage. I elaborated on this one in this article here.

That’s the only thing that matters.